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Blackwing Volumes 10

Brand: Palomino

Made in: Japan

June 2019:聽The 17th release in Blackwing鈥檚 Volumes series, the Blackwing 10 is a tribute to Nellie Bly - and investigative journalist like her.聽 It features a matte grey newsprint finish, dark grey imprint, silver ferrule and dark grey eraser.聽 It's extra-firm graphite is ideal for capturing note in a reporter pad or completing a newspaper crossword.聽 The number 10 represents the ten days Miss Bly spent investigating a story that has impacted countless lives.聽 As always a single Blackwing Volumes 10 is available for my collector and user friends alike.


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About Palomino

Palomino Brands is a division of California Cedar Products Company, which produces CalCedar庐 and other types of wood slats for pencil manufacturers around the world. California Republic Stationer pencils were first produced beginning in 2003, and in 2012 the company began a transition to Palomino Brands for all new production.